PURE Pedicure - 40 min Treatment

PURE Pedicure - 40 min Treatment

PURE Pedicure - 40 min Treatment

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It’s called our signature PURE Pedicure for a reason. This iconic pedicure leaves your feet smooth, exfoliated, and shining!

The PURE Pedicure includes a filing and shaping of the nails. We use cuticle work to tidy up the skin around the nail and then buff the nail to a radiant shine. Then comes the fun stuff: exfoliation of the feet and removal of hard skin to leave your feet feeling smooth. The grand finish with your choice of colour polish application.

What to expect during your treatment

  • Sanitise
  • Feet soak
  • Feet cut/file/shape nails
  • Cuticle work
  • Buff nails to shine
  • Foot scrub/exfoliation
  • Foot file hard skin
  • Cuticle oil
  • Foot cream
  • Nail polish

Therapist top tip

This pedicure is perfect for holiday-prep! Your feet are going to feel amazingly smooth while walking along any beach.